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All the work we do is custom order.
We make Foam Plastic Letters cut from blueboard high density Styrofoam. They are limited to installations where people can't touch them. They are light and do not require drilling or nailing in most all installations. They are installed with Silicone adhesive, and are from 1" to 2" thick.
The foam letters are made starting at 8-10" and up in size and are cut from 2' x 8' stock.Nearly any letter style may be used. Foam plastic is also used for graphic shapes logos and artwork, including background fascia and trim. Foam plastic letters can be painted the color of your choice including a face color and a side color. They also can have outlines and artwork on the face of the letter. Foam letters are cut by hand , layed out by computer and painted by hand. One undercoat and a finish coat. I can come to the sign location and take Digital pictures, or you can send me pictures where the sign is to be installed. We can digitally represent the sign on the picture and send it to you in a PDF file to show how the sign would look after installation. There needs to be some size refrence, (measurments), for an accurate representation / price. Foam plastic letters may be ordered raw (no coatings) or painted. Installation is extra and so is shipping.
We can also cut letters from MDO Plywood 1/2" - 3/4" thick as well as Sintra
Plastic, 1/4"- 1/2" thick. We receive payments via Cash, Paypal ,Check or Moneyorder. 1/2 down balance upon completion.
Other Sign contractors can order you plastic or metal letters from a catalog.
We make what We sell.

Take a digital picture of the area where our FOAM PLASTIC LETTERS will be installed (take some measurments).

We can send you back a pdf file of your sign installed.

Last Updated: 2009


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